Who are we?

One day we were two friends having lunch and wandering through Ulta. Ruby said she would love to have a face mask blog.  Next thing we knew we had a cart full of beauty products and a blog where we are free to write about whatever is on our mind that day, a beauty product, a parenting tidbit, or general musings from the minds of two very different newly 30 year olds.

We loved the idea of a beauty blog focused on skin care for 30 somethings, as we have noticed the change in our skin over the last few years. We love all of the beauty bloggers out there, but lets face it, the 20 something crowd has skin thats still naturally soft and beautiful. We are starting to really need these products to ward off the results of aging.  We want to test out and find what works and share our experiances with you. The good, bad and the ugly.

So, who are we? The blog is cowritten and managed by Ruby and Macy. We grew up in the same neighborhood, but with wildly different backgrounds. Ruby comes from a military family with strong Christian faith, conservative values, and a slight obsession with wineries. She rarely leaves the house without looking totally put together. Missy grew up in a split family who runs a multigenerational construction company and spends a lot of their time with drink in hand, although she doesn’t drink. Although she comes from a conservative family, she has gravitated more to the left as she has gotten older.  She is pretty happy with her appearance if she manages to get a brush through her hair that day.

In a world where people seem to think that having different views means you can’t be friends, our friendship seems unlikely. After 20 years of friendship it feels safe to say we are stuck together. Over those 20 years we have seen each other through multiple graduations, multiple moves, a few puppy dog children, a couple marriages, a divorce, and adding a new kiddo into the world.  Things we love to bond over are coffee, Diet Coke, carbs, Nationals Baseball, a love of dogs and of course – beauty products. We thought our contrasting views on life might amuse more than just us and our families.

And a bit about us:

Macy here. I spent most of my life bouncing between Florida and Washington DC, until My husband and I decided to call DC home for good after learning about my pregnancy with my now 2.5 year old daughter.  I opted to skip college, instead spending some fun years bartending on the beach in Florida. These days I spend my time raising my daughter, volunteering for a homeless animal rescue organization (and dragging home more foster pups than I could possibly count in the process) and spending as much time as possible with dear Grandma after the sudden loss of my grandfather a few months back.

Ruby’s here now! Alrighty, the dreaded “tell me about yourself” question. I am a recently single and recently 30-year-old who’s life isn’t where I expected. I grew up in the DC area and got a degree in Recreation and Tourism Management from Concord University. I then moved to Orlando, FL in 2011 to work planning conferences and events for a Christian organization. I love the work and continue it now. I also love spending time at Disney, time with my pup Ella (short for Cinderella 🙂 ) and getting to be Aunt to Missy’s two-year-old!

We hope you enjoy the sarcasm and beauty with us.

Macy and Ruby