Life. Ugh. Where we are.

63DB61E9-464A-4BD5-B570-7BC5F9AF0DC5Missy here- Ruby and I talked last night about how we have gone totally MIA. Both of our lives are in pretty big change modes, and neither of us knows what direction we are going. One of is in the middle of a local move, the other considering if moving is a good option or not. All of that comes with its own drama. It comes with uncertainties, and “big picture” questions. So temporarily, our bonding is over very long winded phone calls, instead of the preferred face masks and coffee. It’ll have to do for know.

We both have a lot of life being thrown at is right now. Major decisions aside from where to live have to be made. Its been plain hard. I know for me, it feels like my world has changed in the last 24 hours, and its not easy, or comfortable. The world feels a little different to me today, and I need to get used to it. I am emotionally exhausted and ready to turn the conversation over to Ruby. I look forward to sharing more life and beauty with you all soon.


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