OUAI All The OUAI Up Kit – Travel Set – Review

I am back from Disneyland but I wasn’t a total slacker while I was in full on Disney-Dork mode. I used the OUAI All The OUAI Up Kit – 3 Piece Travel Set + Bag on my trip! Read below to see how it went!

*All reviews are our own opinions. We were not paid to review this product.


First Impressions

Ruby – I have a lot of fine hair that falls just below my shoulders. I am always looking for volume and dry shampoo is my best friend. I love that these come in a cute little travel bag that feels high quality. The bag comes with 1.5 fl oz Dry Shampoo Foam, 1.5 fl oz Volume Spray, and 1.4 fl oz Texturizing Hair Spray.

Dry Shampoo Foam

Ruby – I am a huge dry shampoo lover but dry shampoo foam feels counter intuitive to me to put foam in my dry hair, but I am willing to try anything to help keep my oily hair in check. I did not enjoy applying this product. It left my hair feeling sticky at first. It did dry out and I did like that it didn’t leave the power residue that’s common with dry shampoo spray. It just didn’t have the stay power that I prefer in a dry shampoo. I did like it best in combination with the other products but not on it’s own.

Volume Spray

Ruby – I love a good volume spray and I really like how this one smells. This product was great. It gave me volume without the crunchy feel that happens with a lot of volume foams. I again preferred this in combination with the other two.

Texturizing Hair Spray

Ruby – This one was my favorite!! It smells good, it gave me some texture without being sticky and had great staying power. I am going to buy a bigger bottle of this one!!


Ruby – I am a fan of the Ouai Travel bag!! I love that the products are all free of parabens and there is no animal testing. Using the three in combination together was for sure the way to go and I will for sure be using them again on another trip!!



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