Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask Review

We’ve got a lot of sheet mask reviews coming at you all this week- thanks Target Beauty Box! If you have been in the skincare isle of any big box store or drug store lately, you have likely noticed this huge Hydro Boost lineup put out by Neutrogena. Its packaging is certainly eye catching in its gorgeous shades of blue.  This is our first try of the line. Let us know in the comments if you have tried this, or any other Hydro Boost product! These are available so many places, but heres a link: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask

*All reviews are our own opinions. We were not paid to review this product.IMG_2007

First Impressions

Ruby – Sheet mask!! I expect easy and simple.

Missy – Im intrigued by the substantial weight difference between this and most sheet masks I use, this package is beefy. I also have no idea what “Hydrogel” is, but this is 100% of it, so I guess I am about to find out!


Ruby – Woah, this mask is two pieces and gel. Not what I expected. It reminded me of a gel makeup applicator, but larger and all over my face. Missy and I cannot confidently say which side of the mask was supposed to go on our faces…

Missy – As Ruby pointed out above, the masks are gel sheets, kind of neat, kind of odd. There is a piece for the top half of your face, and the bottom. I assume this is done so bearded men get to experience the pleasures of a nice refreshing face mask. You could have the bushiest of hipster beards, and still get to soak up so good old “hydrogel” on that top half! Or, it could be because this mask is heavy and is less likely to slide off in two pieces. One side of the mask is very smooth, the other somewhat rough. I am not sure which side is intended to be against the skin. I tried both ways and found it stayed in place much better with rough surface to skin, but was substantially more comfortable with the smooth side to skin. There is enough of the serum that either way you are going to get that hydrogel goodness.

Wait time

Ruby – It did feel nice on my face, but it is heavy and also kept sliding down my face. I was annoyed and tried to look at the ceiling and not move. Not my mask-wait-time-norm of netflix, internet, or reading.

Missy – It was hard to keep on my face. I was constantly adjusting it and pulling it up.  When I had the rough surface to my skin it was pretty itchy.


Ruby – It came off really easily and there wasn’t much residue to rub in after.

Missy – Take of sheets. Dispose of sheets. Feel your face for softness.


Ruby – The mask sliding off my face killed it for me. I love being able to have on a mask and do other things that are relaxing for me. I didn’t feel like I could do anything and the resutls weren’t spectatular. I can get the same moisturizing qualities from other masks that don’t fall off my face.

Missy – Ruby and I come to similar conclusions often. I believe we have our first blog disagreement (we’ve had a disagreement or two in the past 20 years…) I think this mask is pretty great.  My skin felt super hydrated and soft.  The only thing I would do differently is wait until I am able to lie down after application.  Im seriously throwing one of these in my refrigerator for the first hot summer day.  I can already tell you, its going to be amazing to put this mask chilled on my hot, parched skin.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 8.02.02 PM




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