St Ives Soothing Sheet Mask Review

If you are like me, you love Target.  If you need any more reason to love them, their beauty products are it.  I love beauty sample boxes. This fun little mask came out of the “All The Masks” box. If you can’t snag one of these boxes at your local Target you can find the mask here: St Ives Soothing Sheet Mask

*All reviews are our own opinions. We were not paid to review this product.IMG_2143

First Impressions

Ruby – This was part of a Target beauty box (which we LOVED…look out for a post about it) so the price point of this was only $1.50 a mask. #SWEET I am loving the sheet mask trend. It is so relaxing.

Missy – So, I started using St Ives products at least 15 years ago- that Apricot face scrub, didn’t everyone own a bottle of that back then? Probably still have some, don’t you? It was perfect for my teenage skin (and wallet.) As much as I used and loved that scrub, I don’t think I have ever used another one of their products, so I’m ready for this.


Ruby – Like I said before, it is a sheet mask. So you do get that slimy feeling as you pull it out of the package. Once on my face, it was cooling and the slime-factor was minimal.

Missy – Compared with a lot of the thick peel off masks we have been doing lately, this one was so easy to apply. Open, line up the face holes and done.  The ease and convenience of sheet masks can’t be beat.

Wait time

Ruby – The problem I have with some sheet masks is that they slide down my face. That was not the case with this mask. The wait time was easy while I perused the interwebs.

Missy – Easy 10 minute wait time, and I agree with Ruby, this stayed on really well. No need for constant adjustments.


Ruby – Sheet mask removal is so easy. I love how it feels as it comes off. I rubbed the extra into the my face and felt goooood.

Missy – Not much to say here that isn’t covered! Take off, throw away, rub in extra soothing serum.


Ruby – I would totally use this again. It was easy and light and felt nice.

Missy – I would absolutely recommend picking up one of these for when you have dry skin, especially if you are prone to redness like I am.  I have red patches on my cheeks and sometimes on my nose. Oatmeal is your friend.  When put into a fast, easy to use package, it is your best friend.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 9.16.17 PM




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