Garnier Fructis Nourishing 1 Minute Hair Mask Review

Ok, So as most of you know Ruby has left me. Just like that, she is gone.  No I’m kidding, she is on her amazing 30th Birthday Disney trip.  So for this weeks reviews we tried some products ahead of time, and will also be doing some solo reviews. This seemed like the perfect time for a hair mask for me, as my hair is much dryer, frizzy and just unmanageable a lot of the time.  I am always looking for that miracle product to help tame it, without needing to blow dry and flat iron. Will Garnier Fructis Nourishing 1 Minute Hair Mask be the product I am looking for?

*All reviews are our own opinions. We were not paid to review this product. IMG_2159

First Impressions

Missy – I love avocado. Guacamole, in smoothies, on a salad. Why not in my hair?! Will I love this lively looking little jar that promises 1 minute to better hair? It is incredibly affordable at $3.49 for 3.4oz.


Missy –  So the instructions offer 3 modes of application. 1. As a mask after shampooing and conditioning, 2. As a conditioner, 3. As a leave in conditioner.  I figured I go with a mask, as thats really how its marketed.  After shampooing with my favorite LUSH shampoo bar (more on that later) I applied it to my hair.  For something with avocado in it, this wasn’t a particularly rich feeling product. It felt more like the last bit of conditioner left in the bottle, a little thicker than normal, but not what I’m used to from a hair mask. I had to apply about half of the pot for full coverage of my hair.  For reference, when wet my hair is down to just above my butt, but when dry and in its naturally curly/wavy state its about half way down my back.

Wait Time

Missy – Says right in the product title, one whole minute! Fast and easy. I usually leave normal conditioner in a good bit longer than this. So a minute is perfect for this mom who is always short on time.


Missy – Washes out just like conditioner.


Missy – Unfortunately, this is not the product I had been hoping for.  My hair was no different than it would be with my normal conditioner. No noticeable difference in dryness, frizziness, shine or detangling.


Missy – I have used other Frutics products and they work well for affordable drug store brands. However, this mask was a bust for me. I doubt I will even use the rest of the pot.  I will likely pawn it off on an unknowing friend (who doesn’t read our blog) and let them have a go at it.  If someone has amazingly different results, I will update you, but I am doubtful of that.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 12.31.51 AM

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