Yes To Tomatoes Mask Review!

We have been on the prowl for a charcoal mask we love. Missy found this one. So, will we say Yes To Tomatoes Mask ?

*All reviews are our own opinions. We were not paid to review this product.IMG_1980

First Impressions

Ruby – I don’t know about this whole tomatoes thing. Who thought that tomatoes and charcoal should go together? I do like the way the mask is packaged though and the ‘spatula’ applicator is intriguing.

Missy – I like products from the more natural lines.  I’ve been very interested to see what this whole charcoal craze is about, so I’m game for pretty much any charcoal mask at this point, and eager to find the best one.  The spatula to apply is new to me.


Ruby – This applicator makes me feel like I am using a kitchen spatula on my face, but I don’t hate it. It keeps the mask off my hands which is particularly appreciated with a black mask. It is thick and spreads nicely.

Missy – I’m not really feeling the spatula. It worked fine for larger areas like checks and forehead, but I found myself using my fingers anyway to apply to my nose, between eyebrows and my upper lip. Since the product ended up on my hands anyway, the spatula just seemed more like a gimmick than anything to me.

Wait time

Ruby – The bottle says 8 – 10 minutes wait time, but I was not dry at 10 minutes. My top lip was though and I had to peel it off before the rest of the mask because my lip was so itchy! The rest of my face was okay with the wait time but I did need about 15 minutes to dry completely.

Missy –  The wait was defiantly longer than the bottle said (Which is opposite of what I normally notice.) I think its largely due to applying more product with the spatula than you would with your fingers.  My cheeks (where I used the spatula) were the last to dry.  I didn’t have any itching while waiting for it to dry.


Ruby – The mask did not come off cleanly. It came off in strips instead of as one big satisfying piece. I did have to take a washcloth and scrub some off as well. My skin was tiiight when it came off too. I for sure felt like it was pulling things out of my pores. Missy and I did a hydrating mask immediately afterwards to help with the harshness.

Missy – The mask pulled off in strips.  It was a bit unpleasant in some areas as the mask was stuck to my skin pretty well. While I did not have any itchiness while using the mask, my jawline and cheek were slightly itchy for about 24 hours after.  Maybe I am sensitive to an ingredient in this mask?


Ruby – I like the spatula and I like the results of the mask. The wait time was misleading though and I don’t like how much work it was to peel off the mask in lots of little pieces. I would use the mask again though if I had the time to fight through the removal process.

Missy – I think the spatula is mostly gimmicky- its novelty is certainly a main reason we bought this mask, and I think it leads to overuse of product.  I think the mask smoothed my skin, pulled off any dead skin, and gave a little tightening effect, which I can always appreciate.  Maybe to tomatoes?

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 12.24.46 PM

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