Kitsch Hair Coils Review

So one day I fell into the Bermuda Triangle that is Ulta. As I endlessly wandered through the multitudes of products that you know I just NEEED… I came upon Kitsch Hair Coils. Read below to see how Missy and I handled this new solution to the messy bun life.

*All reviews are our own opinions. We were not paid to review this product.

Yeah…I forgot to take a picture before we pulled out two of the 4 coils…#Impatient

First Impressions

Ruby – It kinda looks like one of those 80’s/90’s key chains. My hesitation is based in one simple thing. My hair is fine and really straight. Like unquestionably thin. Headbands slide off my head all the time. Will this strange key chain also slide off right out of my hair? Also, worth it to note that they are a little expensive for only 4 hairbands at $7.00, but they come in a lot of fun different colors.

Missy –  My hesitation is actually the exact opposite of Ruby’s.  I have SO MUCH HAIR.  Its long, its thick and is 50% curly, 50% wavy and 100% frizzy and unmanageable when left to its own devices.  In my 30 years, I have yet to really figure out how to properly manage it.  I have to use the hairbands for extra thick hair because I snap the regular ones in the first wear.  Im thinking there is no way this thing can work.

First Try

Ruby – When taken out of the box the band is small. I was thinking I might not be able to wear it like the bracelet of my generation. (Seriously, look around. Every girl with hair long enough has a hair tie on her wrist.) It did stretch father than I expected and easily wrapped around my hair three times. And more importantly fits my wrist comfortably.

Missy – Seriously amazed. This hairband was up to the task.  The fact that something that works equally well on both Ruby and my hair types is amazing.  We have opposite hair. I also tried it out on my toddlers hair, which is very similar to mine, only, you know, in toddler proportions.


Ruby – The hair coils claim to help prevent hair breakage and to not leave creases like normal hair ties. All my old hair ties have little pieces of my hair attached to them. (I know…ew.) That is not the case with these. They always pull out of my hair clean and easily. I will say on my fine straight hair I do still notices some creases, but not as bad or as obvious as with an old school hair tie.

Missy –  My hair is too curly to tell if it left a crease or not.  I do straighten my hair from time to time and plan to use this hair time next time I straighten. Will update soon.


Ruby – I am a convert. I am loving the hair coil. It stays well in my hair, it doesn’t pull out my hair when I take it out, and it fits my wrist. 😉 I do see two negatives. First, it does leave a little bit of a crease, but I don’t see how anything holding up my fine hair wouldn’t leave a crease and it’s better than any other option I have found. Second, the price is a little steep. I have high hopes that they also have a longer life than my old hair ties. I’ll update later. 🙂

Missy – 10/10 would buy again. I seriously had no faith that this hair tie was going to work for me. I am a mature enough person to admit that I am wrong about these.  But only these, nothing else, ever.


Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 2.08.14 PM

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