Formula 10.0.6 Be Berry Clear Illuminating Peel Mask Review

As Missy and I were casually perusing through Target with our Starbucks and a screaming two-year old this fun pink face mask stuck out. As we soon found out, it was a little hit and miss. Read below for our review of the Formula 10.0.6 Be Berry Clear Illuminating Peel Mask.

*All reviews are our own opinions. We were not paid to review this product. IMG_1965

First Impressions

Ruby – Fun pink bottle! (Says the Barbie loving 10 year old inside me.) Only $6.99 for a decent size bottle (3.4 fl oz.). I appreciate that the bottle tells me “you deserve this”… my thought…”Why yes bottle, I do deserve to sit back, relax, and renew!”

Missy – I am a sucker for packaging. This bright bottle (among some equally vibrant other options from the same brand) instantly stood out in an aisle with mostly white and bright packaging. The color, packaging, and price made this a no brainer.


Ruby – Oh, it’s clear and holy moly this is sticky! Next thought, well since it’s clear it won’t scare off any potential significant others. (Said hopefully!) It does smells nice. A light berry scent that is pleasant and not too overwhelming. Oh man, washing the hands after application is a challenge.

Missy –  I DO NOT LIKE THIS. It feels like glue. Oh my god, why am I putting glue on my face, I always got in trouble for this as a kid.  I probably both over and under applied because I could not see where I had already put this mask on.

Wait Time

Ruby – This is still feeling really sticky. The nice smell is leaving as it dries. 10 minutes in to the 10-15 minute wait time and I am ITCHY! Not like I have on a face mask and it is shrinking my pores itchy. More like, I just applied latex to my skin and my skin is crying to get out.

Missy – I have to laugh at the accuracy at the last sentence of Ruby’s thoughts on this.  It truly just felt like drying glue on my skin.


Ruby – It did give me the satisfying peel-off-a-face-mask feeling. Like those videos of people cleaning things that satisfy the OCD in people. It wasn’t painful, but rewarding.

Missy – The clean peel off of this mask was easily the best part of this whole experience. Not quite all in one big piece (my personal favorite) but close.


Ruby – I don’t notice a difference for my skin, but it not harsh on my skin at all. It was nice smelling (at first) and the removal was satisfying. That said, the gross sticky feeling out weighs those points.

Missy – The absolute only reason this helped my skin at all was because the directions said I had to wash it before applying. Other than that, really no difference.


Ruby – The fun bottle is a great price for how many applications you will get out it if. The best use for this bottle would be a fun pre-teen sleepover where you wouldn’t want anything too harsh on their skin. I don’t know that would spend the money on this again for myself.

Missy – I would not buy again.  I would echo Ruby’s sentiment that the only use would probably be a pre-teen slumber party or maybe just to look cute on the shelf in your rarely used guest bathroom.  Even at the affordable price, there is just no real benefit from this mask.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 12.31.51 AM

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